Ship Services



Ship Services

Izmir Shipyard has a very well settled and proven after-sales service contract scheme for governmental customers and fleet owners for the last 20 years.  Built upon this technical expertise and our extensive resources, added to our extensive network of local/international partners/service providers;
Izmir Shipyard is proud to also offer*:

Marine Husbanding Services**

Ship Repair Services**

Fuel Supply**

Engineering Services

Tehnical Spare Parts*

Port Agency / operational readiness**

Provisioning & LOGREQ Coordination**

Waste/Sewage Removal**

Crane, Forklift & Heavy Lifting Services

Heli Oil & Gas Supplies**

Pilotage Services**

Tugboat & Mooring Services*

Towage Services*

*only in Izmir for the time being
**only for naval vessels