Izmir Shipyard

Izmir Shipyard has fairly large specialist hangars run by reputable engineers and qualified technicians. Thanks to our vision and family heritage, we constantly invest in most up-to-date technologies and R&D. We have been conducting joint projects with Istanbul Technical, Dokuz Eylül and Southampton Universities while accepting Erasmus interns from Norfolk University of the UK on a regular basis. 

We have managed to introduce commercially very successful boats like IZ1500, IZ1300, IZ1100, IZ900 and IZ865.

Traditionally our love for the sea, sailing and the nature has led us to use the most environmentally friendly technologies possible. For that reason, recently we have been investing and getting serious orders for electric/hybrid driven, autonomous boats with minimum carbon foot print.

We have now about 200 vessels around the globe and this number is ever expanding through mostly returning customers.

Just come to Izmir, take a free demo ride on our boats already in stock and you will not regret it!