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Combining a high level superstructure for greater visibility, ease of maneuvering as well as a low GM for the best stability for safest operations, IZ 900 HDPE passenger and fast crew boat is an excellent vessel for 14 passengers.


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Designed by Dutch Work Boat to be used in all sea conditions, IZ 580 HDPE was optimized for low running costs and fuel efficiency. This vessel can be used for fish farm and aquaculture service and dredging supply purposes. This workboat is very durable thanks to innovative thermoplastic HDPE building material. The vessel can fit into a 20 foot container and has a lifetime of 30+ years without requiring any maintenance of the hull.


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Sea vIZion R485 HDPE

The innovative Sea vIZion R Series, R685, R585 and R485, is a solid family of small HDPE workboats, whose design concept is based on a three pillar aspect: safety, functionality and durability. The rectangular hull shape provides maximum lift force and decreases the draft of the boat making her ideal for shallow waters whilst also ensuring great stability and maximum storage area. The edges of the hull have been made by the bending technique which provides fuel efficiency and structural integrity. UV resistant HDPE 100 sheets from Röchling® and a PE foam filled double bottom hull ensure the highest safety standards.


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